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I have always had a love of crystals but I decided to start my business using Black Lava beads, making bracelets that essential oils can be used on as I also sell products from Neal's Yard Remedies. From there I started using more crystals and loved the energy so much I have also qualified as a crystal healing practitioner. 

I really enjoy making custom prescription pieces of jewellery to help people, if you are looking for something bespoke please do contact me.

I am now at a point where I want to share my love of crystals and spiritual products and hope you find what your looking for. If you are looking for something I don't have please do ask and I'll do my best to make/ source it for you.

If you would like to order any Neal's Yard Remedies products you can do this through my website 

Best Selling Products

These products sell the best but can be modified if you'd like something different

Rose Quartz Elasticated Bracelet with Heart Charm

Rose Quartz is the crystal for the heart chakra, it is the stone of love. It helps with self love and bringing love into your life. It also boosts confidence and is a calming crystal, alleviating stress.

Chakra and Black Tourmaline Elasticated Bracelet

The crystals in the chakra set help to balance your chakras, balancing your chakras helps to improve your body and mind function.

The Black Tourmaline is a very grounding and protecting crystal, it's my personal favourite. It dispels negative energy and thoughts; it also helps to reduce fear.

Clear Crackle Quartz Earrings

These clear crackle quartz are so sparkly, they seem to absorb the light and this crystal is a hit in lots of pieces of jewellery.  

Clear Quartz  is a high vibration crystal and is great for working with your crown chakra, making earrings the ideal piece of jewellery to keep this crystal close to the crown. It enhances connection between the physical and spiritual world.

All earrings are made with sterling silver 925 hooks.


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